Mobinil is first operator to deploy Ericsson E-band MINI-LINK

Mobinil, part of the Orange Group, is deploying Ericsson's E-band microwave MINI-LINK 6352, which provides 5Gbps capacity for backhaul and fronthaul

Mobinil is first operator to deploy Ericsson E-band MINI-LINK

Ericsson launched a live E-band (70-80 GHz spectrum )link with 5Gbps capacity on Mobinil's network in January 2016. This new solution will improve Egypt's readiness for widespread LTE adoption, and enable Mobinil to become a data centric operator.

Half of Egypt's current population is under the age of 35, and broadband capacity demands are rapidly increasing. These capacity needs will continue to increase on the road to 5G, and keeping up requires a continued technology evolution and re-imagining of network efficiency.

The strategic decision to implement a microwave link with 5Gbps capacity and E-band technology on Mobinil's network has been perfectly timed to address growing demands and the future of broadband.

Microwave networks are a vital ingredient for operators to provide the best possible performance and quality of experience in the most cost-efficient way. Microwave backhaul technology is already able to handle 100% of all radio access sites' capacity needs.

In supporting microwave to meet the capacity increase for backhaul as well as fronthaul, E-band spectrum is the key. It will experience major growth and represent up to 20% of new deployments in 2020, with traditional bands still accounting for 70%.

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