Veniam demonstrates Internet of Moving Things at MWC 2016

Qualcomm partners with Veniam to deliver seamless V2XcConnectivity for the Internet of Moving Things turning vehicles into hotspots to create mesh networking

Veniam demonstrates Internet of Moving Things at MWC 2016

Veniam demonstrated its new product line at Mobile World Congress (22-25 February 2016) showcasing solutions which deliver managed services over networks of connected vehicles.

Its products enable a myriad of Internet applications, run software updates over the air and ensure secure wireless communications between each vehicle and any wireless device in its vicinity.

The Veniam platform, designed to deliver what it calls the Internet of Moving Things, includes the NetRider Onboard Unit, a mesh-enabled V2X device, powered by Qualcomm Technology chipsets.

Veniam’s technology products and platforms combine DSRC connected vehicle technology, 4G, Wi-Fi, and mesh networking to provide seamless handoffs between network infrastructure and vehicles, thereby enabling ubiquitous, reliable, and low cost connectivity, while accelerating next generation 5G heterogeneous networks. The company’s technology also provides cloud-managed solutions to improve fleet operations and solve urban problems.

Veniam has just completed a $22 million Series B funding led by leading companies Verizon Ventures, Cisco Investments, Orange Digital Ventures, and Yamaha Motor Venture.

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