RADWIN unveils drone for small cell site surveys

The drone, equipped with sight survey tools and smart beamforming antenna, can be used to survey hard to access potential small cell sites

RADWIN unveils drone for small cell site surveys

RADWIN, the non-line-of–sight (NLOS) small cell backhaul provider, has developed a drone with smart beamforming antenna to help with small cell deployments. The company offers a suite of site survey tools to its small cells customer base. These tools allow carriers to rapidly qualify small cell sites and assess their viability to support NLOS backhaul. 

There are, however, instances where access to a site is problematic (e.g. when a site is on a rooftop or hard-to-reach street furniture) and highly time-consuming – and this is where the drone comes in.

Now, with the addition of a drone fully equipped with RADWIN’s site survey tools and utilising RADWIN’s smart beamforming antenna - the drone can be navigated to reach a potential site at various heights.

The RADWIN-based drone scans potential connectivity in 360 degrees coverage in mere seconds while taking into account all parameters to assure accurate site qualification.

Sharon Sher, RADWIN’s president and CEO, said: “RADWIN’s manifesto is to continuously deliver innovative solutions that allow mobile operators to significantly reduce their TCO and simplify operations. With the RADWIN drone, which comes fully equipped with site survey tools and smart beamforming antenna, we are bringing to market a truly revolutionary concept.

“This solution enables carriers to optimise small cell backhaul placement and slash deployment time and costs. We are set to work with our valued partners and leading Tier-1 customers to integrate the RADWIN drone into the practices applied by carriers for small cell deployments.”

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