MultiTech unveils new LoRa solutions for the industrial IoT sector

Latest demonstrations and announcements showcase intelligent and programmable IoT MultiConnect Conduit gateway working in conjunction with solutions from Stream, MyDevices, the LoRa Alliance, ARM, Actility, Microchip, Future Electronics, Telit and IBM

MultiTech unveils new LoRa solutions for the industrial IoT sector

MultiTech introduced a range of new industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and demonstrations at Mobile World Congress, Embedded World and IBM Interconnect last week (21-26 February 2016). New solutions included:

MultiConnect Conduit – now in LTE

The MultiConnect Conduit is a configurable, manageable and scalable communications gateway for industrial IoT applications suitable for numerous market segments including, agricultural, industrial, smart cities, and medical.

The Conduit gateway supports both wired and wireless connectivity standards through two accessory card slots. The Conduit enables a wide variety of asset types to be optimally connected and controlled using a variety of different application and communication protocols.

Each Conduit gateway has the ability to manage thousands of MultiConnect mDot modules and other sensors and transmit their data over any cellular network to a customer's preferred data management platform. MultiConnect mDots are inexpensive radios using the new Semtech LoRa, low power, wide area RF modulation.

MultiConnect mDots bring intelligence, reduced complexity and BOM cost to the very edge of the network by running ARM's mbed OS on a low power ARM Cortex-M4 series processor. Limited samples of the new LTE MultiConnect Conduit gateway are now available with general availability later this year.

Interoperability of MultiConnect Conduit with Microchip’s LoRaWAN modules

Users can now seamlessly communicate with sensors and assets that incorporate Microchip’s PIC based LoRa modules in addition to using MultiTech’s ARM mbed programmable mDot LoRa modules.

Partnership with Actility to pre-configure MultiConnect Conduit for the Actility platform

By joining forces, Actility and MultiTech deliver a complete end-to-end solution to the fast growing LoRa ecosystem, opening a wide range of opportunities for innovative SmartCities and SmartBuildings applications.

MultiTech macro-cell Conduit gateways are a small footprint IP67 certified enclosure simplifying roof top or cell mast installations often exposed to rain and extreme temperature. 

A compact and easy to install indoor version of the Conduit gateway is also available which can significantly extend network coverage in industrial facilities simply and easily without any disruption. 

Launch of MultiTech’s MultiConnect xDot

IMultiTech has introduced the MultiConnect xDot, a secure endpoint module to communicate over LoRaWAN networks. The MultiConnect xDot joins the MultiTech family of LoRaWAN communications devices, which also includes the programmable MultiConnect Conduit gateway, MultiConnect mDot modules and MultiConnect mCard gateway accessory cards.

This latest addition to the LoRa product line features a compact, surface-mount form factor, mbed enabled tamper proof processor and very low power consumption for extended battery life.

For enhanced security, the MultiConnect xDot incorporates a hardware-based tamper resistant secure element from Gemalto that delivers dual-key AES-128 encryption for both the network connection and the application itself.

Introduction of IP67 Rated LoRa Base Station

In response to customer demands for a ruggedised solution to deploy LoRaWAN technology to remote, outdoor locations, MultiTech has packaged its MultiConnect Conduit gateway in an IP67 compliant enclosure in order to provide durable, low-power, wide-area connectivity in support of applications in the agriculture and energy industries, as well as others which require pre-packaged, industrial, weather-proof coverage in remote locations.

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week (22-25 February 2016), MultiTech solutions were in play with a number of exhibitors, including:

  • LoRa Alliance: Health and safety demo depicting a construction worker with smart helmet and sensors reporting over MultiConnect mDot LoRaWAN ready modules and MultiConnect Conduit gateway to IBM IoT Foundation, Bluemix using IoT Watson. The demo highlighted the potential of IoT to improve worker health and safety reporting, including insurance regulatory compliance.
  • Stream Technologies: Network demo featuring a MultiConnect Conduit gateway providing LoRaWAN network coverage to Hall 7 and beyond.
  • MyDevices: Site survey demo and reference endpoint demonstrating the reach of the LoRa Alliance Barcelona network and visualising its use throughout the event.

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