Taqua VoWiFi app takes off as more mobile handsets support native Wi-Fi calling

Mobile network operators are now able to offer seamless voice over WiFi services more widely as more and more Android handsets now come with native Wi-Fi calling

Taqua VoWiFi app takes off as more mobile handsets support native Wi-Fi calling

Taqua’s Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) application is being used by mobile operators to enable native Wi-Fi Calling services on over 750 unique Android handset models from over 35 different handset manufacturers, the company announced at Mobile World Congress last week (22-25 February 2016).

VoWiFi, or Wi-Fi Calling, is a technology used by mobile network operators to seamlessly deliver their standard telephony and messaging services over Wi-Fi networks. While many mobile operators are now deploying VoWiFi to receive these benefits, one challenge that has limited its full potential is the availability of handsets that support native Wi-Fi Calling.

Native Wi-Fi Calling refers to the ability for subscribers to make and receive calls using the native dialler on the handset, and having the handset automatically route calls over Wi-Fi or the macro cellular network based on the handsets current connection state.

In 2014, Apple starting adding native VoWiFi support to all iPhone models starting with the iPhone 5s, but to date only a few Android-based handsets in the market support native VoWiFi.

“Most people are only familiar with the major Android handset brands and models, but there are actually thousands of unique handset models in use around the world today, and only a few include native Wi-Fi calling support from the manufacturer,” said Ken Kolderup, chief marketing officer of Taqua. 

“We developed our VoWiFi App to address this exact challenge. With our App, operators deploying VoWiFi can immediately broaden availability of the service to their entire subscriber population using Android handsets.”

Most mobile operators have a significant installed base of subscribers utilising Android-based handsets that do not include native VoWiFi support from the handset manufacturer.  Taqua’s VoWiFi App solves this issue by providing a true native Wi-Fi Calling experience on any Android 4.0 and above handset. 

Distributable through the standard Google Play Store, the VoWiFi App functions as a background task on the handset.  When subscribers make calls using the native dialler on the phone, the App automatically routes the calls over Wi-Fi or the macro network based on the current connection status of the phone as well as operator and subscriber preferences.

Taqua’s VoWiFi App can be used in conjunction with any standards based IMS core network capable of supporting VoWiFi and VoLTE, including Taqua’s Virtual Mobile Core (VMC). The VMC is a virtualised IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) services core that enables rapid deployment of next-generation mobile voice and messaging services including VoWiFi and VoLTE 

The VMC is a carrier-grade solution that integrates a number of standard IMS functions into a single software product, including a Telephony Application Server (TAS), IP Short Message Gateway (IP-SM-GW), Service Centralization and Continuity Application Server (SCC-AS), Serving Call State Control Function (S-CSCF) and Media Resource Function (MRF). 

Taqua’s VMC also includes a number of unique Fast Track features that dramatically reduce the time it take to deploy VoWiFi and VoLTE services.


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