POST Luxembourg to move its connected vehicles onto Jasper IoT platform

POST Luxembourg and Jasper collaborate to migrate 1.1 million connected vehicles onto the Japser IoT Control Center platform

POST Luxembourg to move its connected vehicles onto Jasper IoT platform

Jasper, the largest Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider, and POST Luxembourg, Luxembourg’s national telecommunications services operator, are to combine the availability of their network and IoT platform, enabling enterprises to easily launch, manage and monetise IoT service businesses.

Companies throughout Europe can now introduce IoT services with POST Luxembourg that enhance their customers’ experiences while also unlocking new revenue channels. And enterprises looking to deliver IoT/M2M services outside of Luxembourg will be able to take advantage of Jasper Control Center through TERALINK Solutions, the international business unit of POST, which launched last year (2015).

Migrating 1.1 million connected cars to POST IoT Control Center
One of the first enterprises to utilise POST IoT Control Center powered by Jasper on POST’s network was one of Europe’s largest auto manufacturers. This auto maker was quick to recognize that moving their connected cars onto the IoT Control Center platform would give them greater visibility and control over their IoT services.

The platform also enables them to scale the services delivered to those vehicles to meet growing demand. Jasper and POST were quick to implement the vision of this first-mover, and their close collaboration made it possible to migrate 1.1 million vehicles to the IoT Control Center platform.

“For over a decade, Jasper’s industry-leading IoT service platform has helped automakers transform the driving experience. We partner with more than 15 of the world’s leading OEMs to accelerate connected car innovation and deliver solutions that enable reliable delivery and management of new services,” said Kalle Ward, Regional Managing Director EMEA at Jasper.

“It was exciting to meet the challenge of bringing one of Europe’s largest car manufacturer’s connected cars onto the platform. We look forward to continuing to help them launch, manage and monetize their future connected car initiatives.”

Enabling global scalability of IoT services in any industry
By partnering with Jasper, POST now provides its customers a highly scalable IoT platform that not only enables them to introduce new IoT services in Europe, but also gives them the flexibility to easily expand their services globally.

Jasper partners with 27 mobile operator groups that represent over 100 mobile operator networks worldwide, so as businesses aspire to grow their IoT services beyond Europe, they can quickly and easily scale as needed.

“We continue to see a high level of demand for IoT solutions from our enterprise customers, and with Jasper, we are well-equipped to provide our customers with a premiere global IoT platform,” said Jean-Marie Spaus, director at POST Luxembourg.

“Enterprises throughout Luxembourg, regardless of industry, can now quickly and cost-effectively deliver value-added IoT services that enable better relationships with their customers while driving revenue growth.”

With Jasper’s platform, POST now offers a turnkey managed connectivity solution for customers in any vertical industry, which can be easily configured for the unique needs of their specific business models. This provides all enterprises that use Jasper’s IoT platform on the network of POST with the following capabilities:

Automation - Control Center intelligently adapts to business needs, providing a vast array of flexible ways for businesses to automate their IoT services. A proprietary automation engine makes it easy to launch new services, optimise performance on the fly, lower operational costs, and continuously deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Intelligence – Enterprises can deliver superior reliability and customer service with instant visibility and control over their connected devices. Control Center’s proprietary, real-time intelligence engine equips businesses to respond quickly to customer needs, improve operational efficiencies, and reduce costs. It continuously monitors devices, networks, and usage; analyzes data; and automatically responds to problems to quickly restore device performance.

Global Scale – Businesses can implement their IoT services on Control Center once and scale worldwide with global network integration. Control Center gives enterprises global visibility and control across their IoT businesses through a single operational standard and interface, providing the power to go to market globally for faster revenue growth.

“We continue to see businesses around the world leading the charge when it comes to IoT growth, and we have seen a lot of innovation throughout EMEA,” said Ward. “POST is a strategic partner for us, enabling us to meet the enterprise demand for IoT in Luxembourg, as evidenced by the early deployments with a leading European auto maker and others.”

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