Digimondo to roll-out LoRa IoT network in Germany

LoRa wide area network is expected to open to outside enterprises in mid-2016 to enable IoT applications in sectors such as public transportation tracking, smart metering, air pollution measurement and boat tracking

Digimondo to roll-out LoRa IoT network in Germany

Digimondo, started by E.ON in June 2015 to help digitalize the German energy industry, intends to launch an open low power wide area network (LPWAN) based on the LoRaWAN standardiSed specification, which will enable IoT applications such as public transportation tracking, smart metering, air pollution measurement, boat tracking and more.

The network infrastructure, which was tested in Hamburg and Berlin in 2015, has been approved for further deployments in Munich, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Essen, Cologne, as well as rural areas where volumes are secured. The network is expected to be open to outside enterprises by mid-2016.

Digimondo and Semtech, the key vendor behind the development of the LoRa standard, demonstrated the technology at Embedded World 2016 on 23-25 February in Nuremberg, Germany. Microchip, a member of the LoRa Alliance gave away LoRa-based development kits connected to the Digimondo network during the Embedded World exhibition so attendees could evaluate the network’s performance.

Marcus Walena, CEO of Digimondo believes that LPWANs are the missing piece to enable IoT and digital smart city infrastructure in Germany. “It is Digimondo’s mission to provide Germany’s best and easiest to use LoRa LPWAN,” said Walena. “We are proud to have partners like E.ON and Semtech to support our efforts. 2016 is the year of IoT – the Digimondo LPWAN is part of it.”

Both Digimondo’s network and Microchip’s development kit are equipped with Semtech LoRa RF technology, which was developed to enable LPWANs and IoT applications. LoRa technology offers unprecedented range, battery life, penetrability and connectivity, and it has been implemented in a wide range of LPWAN and application deployments worldwide.

LoRa technology is being used for agriculture monitoring, public safety, building and infrastructure management, water conservation, natural disaster tracking and more.

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