ZyXEL introduces 802.11ac unified Wi-Fi access point

New 802.11ac unified access points is designed to make it quick and easy for any business to reap the benefits of new wireless standard

ZyXEL introduces 802.11ac unified Wi-Fi access point

ZyXEL Communications has introduced the NWA5123-AC 802.11ac Unified Access Point (AP) designed to provide businesses with faster, more comprehensive wireless coverage to meet the needs of today’s super-connected workforce.

Wi-Fi is now a critical enabler for businesses, with the majority of modern workplaces now providing some form of employee BYOD program. This demand is set to increase with Gartner predicting more than half of all new business processes and systems will use some form of IoT (Internet of Things) by 2020.

ZyXEL’s new APs make it easy for businesses to migrate to the latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, to enjoy the faster network speeds, improved range, increased stability and lower power consumption that it provides. Whether supporting a handful of devices or a complex network that needs to deliver wireless to hundreds of concurrent users, the NWA5123-AC provides the flawless experience that today’s users demand.

The AP is designed to offer reliable and fast 11ac dual-band Wi-Fi with up to 1.2Gbps (combined) data rate and 20% (based on ZyXEL Lab test results) better performance than previous 11n models, thanks to the exclusive optimised antenna module, dynamic channel selection, load balancing and smart client steering technology.

Inheriting the design of ZyXEL’s successful NWA5120 Series of Unified APs, the NWA5123-AC comes in a low profile, smoke detector look with embedded antenna that easily blends into a modern office. It also means no extra accessory spending for users looking to replace their existing ZyXEL NWA5120 Series APs with the NWA5123-AC.

“As organisations grow and employees embrace flexible working, businesses are under increasing pressure to implement a scalable and flawless wireless solution that today’s super-connected users demand,” commented Crowley Wu, Senior AVP of ZyXEL Networking Business Unit.

“Regardless of business size or employee working habits, the combination of performance and design of the 11ac AP is tailor-made for offices looking to deploy or upgrade to 802.11ac WiFi. And with Wi-Fi experience now the key to better customer satisfaction or employee engagement, the latest 11ac APs empower businesses – and their customers – to take the lead over the rest of the market.”

The ZyXEL Unified Access Points can work as a standalone AP or controller managed AP, flexibly switchable depending on business needs. ZyXEL has a comprehensive portfolio of standalone, Unified and Unified Pro Series of wireless access points tailored for businesses of various scales and in different sectors.

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