RADWIN unveils new 750 Mbps throughput base station

JET base station is aimed at broadband wireless applications including fibre-to-the-home extensions and enterprise last mile access

RADWIN unveils new 750 Mbps throughput base station

RADWIN unveiled its ultra-capacity JET Base Station with beamforming antenna delivering 750 Mbps throughput and new subscriber units providing 250 Mbps and 100 Mbps just ahead of Mobile World Congress (22-25 February 2016).

The new JET 750 Mbps base station is part of the RADWIN 5000 Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) portfolio. RADWIN claimed its latest solution offers the highest system capacity and spectrum efficiency in the 5 GHz band, and supports QAM 256 and dynamic channel bandwidth selection to guarantee optimal system performance.

The company said that JET’s beamforming antenna and advanced air interface enable operation in the toughest environments such as dense urban zones where there is high interference and non-line-of-sight conditions.

The ultra-capacity JET platform enables existing customers to expand their network and achieve higher net throughput in parallel to supporting the current installed base of subscriber units.

Roni Weinberg, RADWIN’s EVP Global Business & COO, commented: “RADWIN’s JET solutions introduce a revolutionary concept of a multi-service wireless access platform. The JET product series is the preferred choice of carriers and service providers worldwide and in the past 12 months alone, thousands of JET base stations were deployed by our customers globally.

“With this latest ultra-capacity addition to the JET BWA portfolio, operators can now provide the highest throughput to bandwidth-demanding customers such as enterprises and deliver fibre-like services to residential users via the extension of their fibre-to-the-home network.”

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