Icom unveils general purpose data modem for business radio sector

The IC-F5122DD data transceiver can be used to transmit data and information over existing professional mobile radio networks

Icom unveils general purpose data modem for business radio sector

Icom has introduced a new general purpose data modem for the business radio sector, which will enable businesses and other organisations to send data/information over a radio network.

The IC-F5122DD ‘data transceiver’ allows point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communication. One radio can communicate with another radio or multiple units with individual, groups and all data calls. Icom believes the radio may also be useful for telemetry and low-speed supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

The company reckons the IC-F5122DD series will be ideal for the following applications:
• Vehicle management (e.g. farming, airport ground crews)
• Traffic monitoring (e.g. road/highway construction)
• Remote system management for utilities (e.g. water plants, electricity meters) and oil (e.g. pipelines, well drilling).

The IC-F5122DD series uses either licensed VHF/UHF bands and delivers 25W of high output power from a MIL-STD rugged chassis. This general-purpose transparent data modem also features serial and Ethernet interfaces for greater flexibility, a data encryption function (500 codes) and 128 channels.

Other features include:
• 9600bps (at 12.5kHz) and 4800bps (at 6.25kHz) data mode programmable
• RS-232 and RS-232 + Ethernet versions
• Fast data transfer using 4-level FSK modulation suitable for real-time data monitoring
• 25W, 10W and 2.5W three-step RF output power
• BNC antenna connector
• Individual, group and all calls
• Data encryption function (500 codes)
• Memory channel selection via PC control command
• Optional CS-F5120DD, programming software and OPC-2218LU, USB type programming cable.

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