Hughes and Sevis validate satellite backhaul solution for 3G and 4G

Hughes’ JUPITER System satellite combined with Sevis’ Intelligent Backhaul Optimiser suite of applications enables substantial bandwidth savings and boosts speeds over satellite links

Hughes and Sevis validate satellite backhaul solution for 3G and 4G

Hughes Network Systems and Sevis Systems have completed the successful testing for the delivery of 3G and LTE mobile services using a Hughes JUPITER System satellite backhaul solution, it was announced today (22 January 2016). Sevis Systems is a developer of cellular backhaul optimisation technology.

The new offering opens the way for mobile network operators (MNOs) to fulfil universal service obligation (USO) programmes by expanding modern 3G/LTE services in lower density and rural areas otherwise left unserved due to the high cost of terrestrial backhaul, whether fibre, cable or microwave.

Joint testing of the combined Hughes JUPITER platform with Sevis Intelligent Backhaul Optimiser (IBO) suite of applications, including optimisation and TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) acceleration technology, resulted in substantial bandwidth savings and boosted speeds over satellite links provisioned for both 3G and LTE backhaul.

Tim Peyla, vice president, Business Development at Sevis Systems, said: “We continue delivering next-generation mobile backhaul optimisation and acceleration technology with unmatched value and RoI. Our software-defined 7000 series intelligent backhaul optimiser technology was purposely built for high throughput satellites.

“So we are excited to have validated our solution with Hughes, the undisputed global leader in residential satellite broadband. We look forward to working with Hughes and JUPITER System network operators for the expansion of mobile broadband networks worldwide.”

The tests covered registration/deregistration, mobile originated (MO) and mobile terminated (MT) voice calls, SMS (Short Message Service), web browsing and data sessions.

The backhaul optimisation tests evaluated bandwidth savings while performing FTP and HTTP transfers of audio and video files, Microsoft Office documents and Web pages over 3G and 4G services. TCP acceleration testing evaluated the same traffic used for the backhaul optimisation but with TCP acceleration and compression applied.

The two companies claimed that performance met or exceeded expectations in all cases, with the JUPITER backhaul network delivering high-QoS services and the Sevis solution accelerating download speeds and compressing traffic for more efficient bandwidth usage.

“Connecting people to the digital world no matter where they live or work is what Hughes is all about,” said Ramesh Ramaswamy, vice president, International for Hughes. “This novel combination of our award-winning JUPITER System with Sevis intelligent backhaul optimiser technology paves the way for operators to expand addressable markets for much-needed wireless 3G/LTE networks across the globe.”

The pre-certified Hughes and Sevis solution is available immediately across the global JUPITER System customer base.

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