Brazilian state of Maranhão chooses Motorola Solutions P25 radio network

New Project 25 infrastructure will cover an area of around 5,000 km2 and will help reinforce the safety of the nearly 1.5 million people living in the metropolitan area of São Luís

Brazilian state of Maranhão chooses Motorola Solutions P25 radio network

The State of Maranhão in Brazil has upgraded its emergency services radio system to a new digital network using Project 25 (P25) two-way radio technology provided by Motorola Solutions.

The Maranhão Secretariat of Public Safety digitalized its radio communication system with Motorola’s ASTRO 25 standards-based technology, which will help improve safety for the nearly 1.5 million people who live in the metropolitan region of São Luís.

The solution includes provision of Motorola APX mobile and portable radios. The Maranhão Secretariat of Public Safety aims to ensure top-quality audio communications across different emergency service agencies in an area of around 5.000 km2.

"It is very important for us to have access to the technology that Motorola Solutions' devices offer in the area of digital radio communication," said Jefferson Portela, secretary of public safety in the state of Maranhão.

"This investment will optimise response times by providing instant communication and allowing us to track the geographic location of service vehicles in real time. Before, it was more difficult to communicate because we relied on cellphones. Now, with Motorola Solutions technology, we have taken a big step forward in providing quality services to the residents of Maranhão."

The digitisation will help optimise citizen response services. Some of the most noteworthy advances include greater information security provided by radio encryption technology and device location monitoring via GPS, which makes it possible to quickly identify the agents who are close to an incident.

Elton Borgonovo, director of government sales at Motorola Solutions in Brazil, stated: “This solution will help the State of Maranhão to successfully reduce the number of registered crimes. We know that is extremely important to maintain fast, safe and integrated communications in order to effectively implement tactical actions. As a market leader in this segment, our mission is to offer advanced technologies and devices that make all the difference in our customers’ operations.”

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