Foxconn and Spirent collaborate to deliver VoLTE

Spirent BEEHD VoLTE client framework used to deliver voice over LTE, SMS and video calling capabilities on mobile phones

Foxconn and Spirent collaborate to deliver VoLTE

Spirent Communications and Foxconn, the LTE mobile phone manufacturer, are to work together to deliver mobile phones with high quality VoLTE voice and video calling capabilities.

Foxconn, the largest OEM device manufacturer of mobile handsets, is using Spirent's BEEHD VoLTE Client Framework to design and develop Android-based mobile handsets that allow users to use VoLTE voice and video calling services. With BEEHD, the handsets are optimised to provide better communication capabilities and provide users with better quality of experience.

"We want to provide our customers with outstanding quality, and BEEHD helped us to achieve that,” said Andy Horng, director of Software Design Center of FIH Mobile Ltd. “Spirent has worked closely with us to optimise the solution for enabling hardware-accelerated VoLTE voice and video calls.

“Together, we fine-tuned the system to interoperate with the mobile operator network on which the phone was deployed. With BEEHD, we were able to quickly and massively market LTE mobile handsets with exceptional VoLTE voice and video communication capabilities."

Pierre Hagendorf, general manager of Spirent’s Developer Tools Business Unit, said: “Foxconn is using BEEHD through the development of LTE mobile handsets, from initial design through to wide scale deployment on major mobile operators' networks, and we are very pleased with the success of the collaboration. Creating high quality interoperable VoLTE enabled handsets can be challenging, and this partnership with such a significant player in the industry demonstrates our capabilities.”

The BEEHD framework is equipped with easy-to-use, high-level application programming interfaces (APIs), an optimised media engine, patented video quality technology, flexible signalling capabilities, and innovative optional features. This enables device manufacturers and other vendors to reduce time-to-market while optimising interoperability.

BEEHD also includes internal IMS/VoLTE capabilities that allow developers to build voice and video enabled mobile handsets that can easily run on VoLTE compliant networks.

It is part of a portfolio of solutions for service providers, systems manufacturers, and device manufacturers to build new communications services and features into their solutions. Spirent’s developer tools offer solutions to rapidly add voice, video and messaging services to their applications and devices.

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