Anritsu waveguide mixer now supports V-Band millimetre wave measurement

New MA2806A supports the monitoring of previously hidden real millimetre wave spectrum in the 50-75 GHz V-bands

Anritsu waveguide mixer now supports V-Band millimetre wave measurement

Anritsu has expanded the capabilities of its MA2806A Waveguide Mixer to incorporate millimetre wave measurement solutions. Connecting the new MA2806A to Anritsu’s MS2830A signal analyser supports spectrum measurements in the 50 GHz to 75 GHz band (V-band) currently used by various millimetre wave sensors, WiGig Gigabit wireless LAN (802.11ad), and broadcast video camera streaming equipment.

The company points out that adoption of the millimetre wave band is increasing the need for new instruments supporting accurate and high-sensitivity measurements of wider-band signals. Not only are wider bandwidths being used for HD video streaming at sports events and in broadcast studios as well as for WLAN applications using WiGig (802.11ad), it is also seeing increasing use for human detection and vehicle sensing applications.

Evaluation of the spectrum of millimetre-wave band ultra-wideband signals requires solutions to measure the characteristics of the transmission easily and accurately. Conventional harmonic mixers used for this task suffer from large conversion loss as well as image responses where a non-existent ghost signal is displayed.

The high performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A solves these problems by supporting accurate and high-sensitivity measurements of wireless communications infrastructure and equipment using wideband millimetre wave signals.

Key features of the MA2806A include a P1dB performance of better than 0dB as well as a minimum sensitivity performance of -150 dBm/Hz, which means it can measure extremely weak signals not found by conventional measurement systems; by combining the MA2806A with the MS2830A designed for a high IF of 1.875 GHz, the solution supports spectrum mask measurements of 1-GHz bandwidth signals without image response effects; the MA2806A also comes with the conversion loss correction data for all frequencies which allows for a simplified measurement procedure.

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