Wireless Broadband Alliance launches first ‘World Wi-Fi- Day’

New initiative is designed to highlight and bridge the worldwide digital divide between connected and unconnected societies in both developing nations and developed urban centres where many people still have poor or no Internet access

Wireless Broadband Alliance launches first ‘World Wi-Fi- Day’

The Wireless Broadband Alliance today (14 January 2016) launched World Wi-Fi Day, an initiative designed to accelerate the take up of affordable wireless connectivity around the world.

Taking place on 20th June, and with the full backing of the Connected City Advisory Board, World Wi-Fi Day will focus industry, policy and public attention on addressing the divide between connected and unconnected societies.

The Wireless Broadband Alliance is encouraging cities, government bodies, fixed and mobile operators, technology vendors, Internet giants and service providers, as well as retailers, to come together to deliver connectivity to everyone, everywhere.

Wireless connectivity provides tremendous opportunities for communities, from the development of roads and water systems through to improvements in transport, healthcare and education. But the digital divide in both developing nations and developed urban centres is still a major issue.

The WBA notes that while billions of people in developing nations are completely unconnected, there are hundreds of thousands of people in developed markets like the US who are still struggling to gain Internet access, due to factors such as poor infrastructure or slow Internet speeds.

For example, according to the San Francisco Digital Divide Report, over 100,000 people in the city have no Internet access at home, while an additional 50,000 people cannot take full advantage of Internet connectivity due to slow Internet access.

The WBA said World Wi-Fi Day will be a global platform to recognize and celebrate the significant role Wi-Fi is playing in getting cities and communities around the world connected. It will champion exciting and innovative solutions to help bridge the digital divide, with Connected City initiatives and new service launches at its core.

Shrikant Shenwai, CEO of the WBA, said: “There is a growing divide between the digital haves and the digital have-nots – and this is not just an emerging market issue, it’s a global issue from developing countries in Africa and Asia, through to the under-appreciated ‘urban unconnected’ in the world’s largest economies.

“As the only universal unlicensed and affordable public access network, Wi-Fi connectivity will be the key to bridging the global digital divide – connecting the unconnected and underserved.

“The Wireless Broadband Alliance has a vision and hope for connectivity and World Wi-Fi Day is acting as catalyst for this effort. We are encouraging all stakeholders, including cities, governments, operators and tech giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft to reverse this trend, and ensure affordable, sustainable connectivity for all,” Shenwai continued.

World Wi-Fi Day is being backed by the Connected City Advisory Board (CCAB), a body which aims to deliver on the vision of Connected Cities around the world. With senior representatives from New York City, Barcelona, Dublin, San Francisco, Singapore, San Jose, Mexico City, as well as the governments of Delhi and Philippines amongst those involved. The CCAB helps cities maximise the opportunities presented by universal connectivity and aids in the development and execution of Connected City plans.

“Affordable, sustainable broadband connectivity is the lifeblood of the city of the present, and of the future, transforming the way communities operate and improving quality of life,” said Vijay Sammeta, CIO of City of San José and Co-Chair of CCAB.

“Even in San José, a recognized global hub of technology innovation, we have a lot to learn and a lot to do before we can claim full urban connectivity. I’d call on all stakeholders to participate in World Wi-Fi Day to address the issue of the unconnected in a meaningful, transformative manner.”

The WBA is urging anyone wanting to get involved, or support and fund projects to connect the unconnected, to please email it at: contactus@wballiance.com.




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