u-blox releases new positioning receiver platform for low-power devices

u-blox 8 is a high sensitivity GPS/GLONASS receiver for power sensitive applications such as wearables and sports tracking

u-blox releases new positioning receiver platform for low-power devices

u-blox has introduced the u-blox 8 GPS/GLONASS receiver platform. It is designed to complement the u-blox GNSS platform portfolio by addressing power sensitive usage, whereas the existing u-blox M8 platform continues to serve applications where navigation performance and highest accuracy are paramount.

u-blox 8 offers significant improvements compared with its predecessor u-blox 7. The tracking sensitivity has been increased by 4 dBm, and is now -166 dBm. The enhanced odometer functionality, a new geofencing feature, and optimised preset power save modes can halve the power requirements for sport products, the company said.

The free-of-charge AssistNow product for boosting GNSS acquisition performance, which is available online, offline or as an autonomous service, has been improved. It also makes the new positioning platform ideal for all battery powered devices, especially wearables and sports tracking.

"Nowadays many portable applications rely on a single coin battery; hence low power-spending is crucial. u-blox 8 has been developed for wearables and tracking applications, keeping in mind the need for low power consumption without compromising performance," sayidUffe Pless, product marketing, Positioning, at u-blox.

u-blox 8 is pin-compatible with u-blox 7. It will be available as a chip and as modules in several form factors. Customer samples of u-blox 8 chips and modules will be available by Q2 2016.


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