Bauer deploys Aerohive Networks Wi-Fi for international network

Controllerless Wi-Fi solution is deployed across the company’s main offices and warehouses and in a further 70 subsidiaries around the world

Bauer deploys Aerohive Networks Wi-Fi for international network

Aerohive Networks has supplied the international construction and mechanical engineering company Bauer with its WLAN solution. Aerohive’s Wi-Fi solution will be used to improve communication within and between the company's numerous offices and subsidiaries in 70 countries worldwide. The Bauer Group is based in the Bavarian town of Schrobenhausen in Germany.

Bauer chose Aerohive for its controller-less technology, which it deemed was more flexible, scalable, and cost effective than a centrally controlled solution, and provided comprehensive coverage for the company's warehouses and offices. The new WLAN infrastructure will be used in every area of the business, including administration, production, sales, and logistics.

For example, Bauer’s warehouse staff uses mobile barcode scanners with WLAN for goods commissioning. Aerohive has been chosen as the underpinning architecture for Bauer's first step towards industry 4.0: the company intends to fit the forklifts used in the logistic centres with industrial computers equipped with a WLAN.

With the stability of Aerohive's WLAN architecture, Bauer can lay the groundwork for successful M2M communication and is able to design its own industry 4.0 scenario.

In Aerohive's intelligent cooperative control technology, the access points communicate with one another across the control plane. The network itself is managed by Bauer on-premises using Aerohive's cloud-enabled network management platform HiveManager. The system is flexible, scalable, and easy to install and manage. But Bauer also chose it because all solutions come fully integrated from a single source, Aerohive said.

"Before we implemented the Aerohive WLAN solution, we had big problems with network quality and stability," said Roland Bauer, IT network/infrastructure group manager at Bauer. "Our WLAN architecture works perfectly now and is extremely user-friendly and secure. Staff come into work in the morning, open their laptops, authenticate, and are online straight away.”

“The new solution gives us a much more stable, high-quality, and user-friendly WLAN system. We now have state-of-the-art infrastructure that will help us innovate in our business. For example, we can now connect different types of machines more effectively,” continued Roland Bauer.

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