Kenwood unveils NEXEDGE Gen2 trunked network system

The latest NEXEDGE multi-site digital trunked network system can support 1,000 sites and 24 networks; introduces NX-5000 Series of radios

Kenwood unveils NEXEDGE Gen2 trunked network system

Kenwood has launched a new version of its multi-site digital trunked network system for two-way radios - NEXEDGE Generation 2, as well as unveiling its new NX-5000 Series of portable and mobile two-way radios. The new Gen2 Linux-based system controller supports digital trunked wide area/multi-system IP networks of 1,000+ sites or 24 networks for roaming, calling and data exchanging.

NEXEDGE, the Kenwood brand name for the NXDN two-way radio protocol, offers digital conventional and trunked radio solutions to meet the diverse requirements of a wide range of enterprise and mission-critical users.

Networks can be created over existing NEXEDGE repeaters, IT assets, private microwave, spread-spectrum links or services using 10/100 Base-T Ethernet with up to 65,519 group/unit IDs.

To determine the best site for roaming and registration, subscriber units use advanced control channel hunting algorithms, as well as RF signal strength and digital signal quality monitoring. And all features such as individual call, group call, remote group add and data transferring are supported across systems thanks to the Gen2 system controller and bridge.

Gen2 features a Linux server based system architecture to expand processing capacity and manageability. It has a Direct Frequency Assignment (DFA) capability, so that when a new frequency is added all subscriber units roaming in the system are updated automatically.

It also has a capability for linking 100 NXIP consoles to an IP gateway and as many as 1,000 NXIP consoles to a single network. Other features include: a fleet priority channel to assign traffic channels preferentially to a specific group; temporary switching of control and traffic channels for efficient frequency utilisation; and call pre-emption/interruption to give priority to console calls.

Network management (server & client) for SNMP-based status monitoring – including resource, performance and traffic monitoring, is also a feature. Gen2 also provides the ability to use current monitoring applications with SNMP for NEXEDGE repeaters.

It also comes with a data channel capability for handling of vast quantity of GPS data from radios on duty. Other applications include: schedulable stun/kill to guard against unauthorised access or theft of radios; automatic serial number registration when new subscriber units are added; and a browser-based multi-access configuration, monitoring and management.

All the new Gen2 features are available for existing NEXEDGE products with a firmware updating and are fully compatibility with Gen1 and legacy analogue features and equipment.

NX-5000 Series Radios
Kenwood has also introduced its NX-5000 Series of portable (the NX-5200 VHF and NX-5300 UHF) and mobile (the NX-5700 VHF and NX-5800 UHF) two-way radios to Europe to mark the introduction of Gen2, with base-repeaters and software updates to follow.

The NEXEDGE NX-5000 Series is capable of multi-protocol operation in two digital formats – NXDN 12.5/6.25kHz and P25 (Phases 1 & 2) – as well as mixed digital and FM analogue. Also supported is NXDN Type-C digital trunking. The radio platform is also ready for DMR and 5-Tone - software for these features will follow.

The two portables feature Bluetooth for hands-free operation, accommodating up to 4,000 channels with 512 channels/zone and 128 zones. A memory card slot increases voice/data memory capacity. Both meet MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G as well as the IP68 water immersion standard.

The two mobiles, which incorporate a DB-25 accessory connector and 4W speaker, similarly accommodate up to 4,000 channels with 512 channels/zone and 128 zones. For durability, they satisfy MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G; the RF deck meets IP54 and the remote head complies with the IP55 blowing rain standard.

Built-in GPS capability enables comprehensive fleet management, while the large colour display offers at-a-glance operational status checks. Both portable and mobile models provide the Kenwood audio quality in digital and analogue operations.

Built-in DSP gives these radios an advantage in high-noise environments, with AMBE+2 Vocoder technology, accurately replicating natural human speech nuances for superior voice quality.

An orange emergency button offers additional protection in hazardous conditions. And for added security, 56-bit DES encryption is equipped as standard, with 256-bit AES encryption optionally available.

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