Aerohive launches Wi-Fi Connected Experience platform for enterprises

New Cloud networking, personal device access, and application platform is designed to make it easier for enterprises to manage their network and devices, as well as providing a means to offer new services

Aerohive launches Wi-Fi Connected Experience platform for enterprises

Aerohive Networks has unveiled a suite of new technologies, which will deliver a Connected Experience platform for the enterprise. Built on Aerohive’s cloud networking architecture, the platform enables businesses to unlock the future potential of Wi-Fi.

The Connected Experience platform includes a new release of HiveManager NG, Aerohive’s next-generation, enterprise-class network management application, now available for cloud and on-premises deployments.

Integrated solutions for guest access and personal device access are now available with HiveManager NG. The easy-to-use solutions improve enterprise IT departments’ ability to scale and resolve BYOD challenges by enabling guests and employees to securely onboard their devices themselves.

A new application platform, including APIs and a supporting developer programme, enables businesses to deliver new experiences to their customers, streamline IT by integrating with existing network management infrastructure, and derive insights from their network data.

Enterprises realize that mobile technologies have the potential to transform how they engage their customers, promote collaboration, and ultimately improve business performance.

Aerohive’s cloud networking solution is designed to help enterprises engage with their customers by providing a reliable Wi-Fi foundation that empowers its customers to deliver a truly connected experience through new information, applications, and insights.

HiveManager NG, Aerohive’s enterprise-class management application, is available both on-premises and in the cloud. Aerohive is the only vendor in the industry today offering the same application and same capability when used as a public cloud subscription or running behind a customer’s firewall in its own data centre.

HiveManager NG offers comprehensive unified management of Wi-Fi and wired access networks, building on Aerohive’s long history as an innovator in cloud networking.

The Connected Experience platform features support for Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and a comprehensive developer programme. Enterprises and their development partners can use these APIs to build new integrations and applications.

Organisations can use the Application Platform to leverage new business insights and transform the customer experience. For example, in retail the APIs can be used to develop visitor traffic heatmaps and predictive store analytics, and also new functionality like proximity-based promotional offers.

For enterprise IT departments, service providers, and managed service providers, the APIs and Application Platform help simplify and centralize network management by enabling integration of network deployment and management with existing infrastructure.

Aerohive’s cloud networking platform, applications, and insights are built on a foundation of great Wi-Fi. Aerohive provides a complete portfolio of access points, switches, and routers in a single consistent architecture that scales from one access point to hundreds of thousands.

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