Huawei unveils suite of cloud hosting service for European operators

The Huawei Digital inCloud Programme offers content, application, video, BSS and network as a service solutions, along with a digital channel and mobile payment solutions

Huawei unveils suite of cloud hosting service for European operators

Huawei launched a suite of cloud hosting services, Digital inCloud Programme, for the European market today (3 November 2015) at the MVNO Networking Congress in London. It also signed a strategy cooperation memorandum of understanding with partners of the Digital inCloud Programme.

Digital inCloud is a digital service aggregation and distribution platform, which will allow carriers and partners to connect and build up a digital ecosystem. The product aggregates these carriers’ capabilities including: payment, message notification, voice/cloud call centres and business operations analysis to act as a bridge between partners and telcos in digital product distribution and trading.

Huawei is also announcing that the European Hosting Centre is to be based in the UK. Digital inCloud @ Europe is hosted on the MVNX platform, which currently hosts more than 1 million MVNO subscribers across Europe. The European hosting centre includes a series of off-the-shelf cloud hosting services which are available to all European operators.

Huawei’s Cloud hosting services include the following:

This service forms a bridge between partners and telcos in digital product distribution and trading. It promotes operator and partner developing their products and services, enabling them to compete globally and to generate revenue securely and transparently.

Currently, Huawei has aggregated 200,000+ digital content items from 2100+ content partners worldwide, including digital music, 2700+ mobile games, 20,000+ hours of premium video, live channels, open API and traffic monetisation.

This service aggregates content from either Huawei global partners, or MNO/MVNOs to provide video services to the market. It supports multi-type definitions including SD, HD and 4K(UHD) and users can watch movies and TV shows everywhere, through myriad devices: home TVs, smartphones and tablets.

This service offers typical pre-paid, post-paid, online charging service to light MNVOs, and advanced services to full MNVOs. It operates from a pre-integrated platform to provide fast TTM for a commercial launch and multi-tenant via a proven multi-country, multi-language and multi-time zone solution.

Huawei’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) offering enables operators to capture customer behaviour data. Huawei hosted core network components and Value Added Services (VAS) can be integrated into operators’ current IT landscape or Huawei-hosted IT solution. The service enables an IN MVNO independent from their network operator and to grow into a Full MVNO in future.

Digital Channel
Huawei Digital channel establishes a convenient channel between operator and subscriber through in-browser touch points, featuring real-time awareness of usage/service, real-time online subscription, account management and context-aware promotions with highly improved user experience.

Mobile Payment
This service provides the MVNO with a mobile-based wireless or proximity payment solution via low-cost, high-speed payment channels. Huawei’s vision will see the standard mobile financial service (cash in/cash out/P2P transfer/Utility payment/Airtime top up) evolving into a fully-enabled MFS platform (Micro finance/Merchant Alliance/POS Integration/Bank and Payment Network Integration).

Huawein explained it developed Digital inCloud @ Europe in response to European operators’ need for a convenient cooperation process with partners, access to global high-quality digital resources, more efficient monetisation of digital assets and effective service operations.

Huawei originally launched Digital inCloud Bali, where it signed a memorandum of understanding with 15 partners of the Digital inCloud Programme. Huawei today signed a memorandum of understanding with seven partners in London. It aims to accrue up to 4,000 Digital inCloud Programme partners in 2016.

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