Kii IoT platform selected by Kyocera for healthcare monitoring service

Kii to provide cloud-based management solutions for wearable healthcare device and service for calorie and activity data monitoring

Kii IoT platform selected by Kyocera for healthcare monitoring service

Internet of Things (IoT) cloud platform provider Kii has announced a strategic collaboration with Kyocera Corporation (Kyocera) to develop a cloud-based healthcare monitoring service and smart device combination called 'Daily Support'.

Kyocera said it selected Kii as a cloud partner because of the wide variety of features suitable for its business model and global deployment availability.

Daily Support features an 11-gram wearable device created by Kyocera called 'TSUC' that measures step counts, calorie consumption and status detection differentiations, which determine the variances between walking or running on flat surfaces vs stairs, travelling in vehicles such as a bicycle or car, or riding an elevator vs. an escalator.

By collaborating with Kii, TSUC can easily connect to the cloud for user calorie and activity data monitoring. It is designed specifically for company employees, health insurance and healthcare service providers.

Daily Support’s core user capabilities include:

• Measuring the amount of daily activity, as well as other detailed data points on activity, sleep, visceral fat and calorie consumption when worn by users
• Automatically uploading the data to the user’s smartphone, allowing for effortless monitoring of lifestyle-related data
• Collecting data on the amount of activity, sleep, visceral fat and calorie consumption via an app
• Monitoring conditions through graphs and figures displayed in the app
• Unique ranking and point system among users
• Observing the activities and data of the service, users on the Web site and send messages individually to promote better habits, as well as send group messages to users with similar tendencies
• Visualising activity by the device, as it can measure calories when a user takes a picture of a meal, and monitor sleep, and visualise internal fat via a new, proprietary technology.

“Partnering with a world renowned brand like Kyocera to launch a smart healthcare device and service that helps users to lead a healthier lifestyle is a double win for Kii,” said Masanari Arai, CEO of Kii.

“We will continue to bring the IoT to mainstream audiences across the globe by collaborating with other world class technology companies to help millions of consumers improve their health and daily lives.”

Kyocera leverages user, device and data management, and analytics on Kii Cloud to analyse data and provide information to each end user. Kyocera launched Daily Support in collaboration with the Association for Preventive Medicine of Japan in Autumn 2015.

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