BridgeWave microwave system deployed by SERTA Telecom in Lebanon

Etherflex product used to provide backhaul support for Lebanese government security forces’ TETRA two-way radio network

BridgeWave microwave system deployed by SERTA Telecom in Lebanon

SERTA Telecom has selected BridgeWave Etherflex microwave systems for the new TETRA two-way radio network, which is being deployed to support the intelligence services of the General Directorate of General Security (GDGS) in Lebanon.

The Etherflex system is being used by SERTA Telecom, an information and communication technology solutions provider serving customers in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey, to help provide a secure wireless backhaul system. The TETRA equipment is being supplied by Airbus Defence & Space.

More than 100 links of BridgeWave Etherflex systems supporting 6, 7, 13, 15, and 38GHz frequency bands will be deployed to serve as the transmission backbone infrastructure for the GDGS TETRA network switching centres, dispatch locations, and transmission base stations.

This infrastructure will support over 3,000 subscribers who use the network for mission-critical communications across sensitive locations in Lebanon including airports, seaports, and borders.

Paul Tohme, chief technical officer at SERTA Telecom, said: “The microwave systems we considered to support Lebanon’s security forces had to undergo rigorous testing to meet our criteria for performance, reliability, availability, and security. We tested radios from several manufacturers before selecting BridgeWave, and the BridgeWave systems not only met our strict requirements, but exceeded them.”

BridgeWave reports that SERTA Telecom has not only validated the performance and capabilities of BridgeWave Etherflex systems, but they have also endorsed BridgeWave’s role as a trusted provider of wireless backhaul systems for mission-critical applications.

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