Ericsson Radio Dot System deployed in Puerto Rican bank and hospital

Indoor small cells solution implement by mobile operator Claro at Salus Hospital and Popular Bank includes 3G and 4G LTE indoor coverage

Ericsson Radio Dot System deployed in Puerto Rican bank and hospital

The Ericsson Radio Dot System is providing indoor cellular connectivity at Salus Hospital and Popular Bank in Puerto Rico, after being deployed by mobile network operator Claro.

The Ericsson Radio Dot System, which was designed for large-scale buildings and campuses, is providing increased mobility across the hospital, which is also the only facility in Puerto Rico certified by the United States Green Building Council as an eco-friendly health care facility.

The indoor implementation consists of Radio Dots and fully integrated mRRUs (micro remote radio units) in a C-RAN configuration -- sharing the same baseband. Outdoors, RBS 6501 micro radio base stations address outdoor hotspots.

By offering this combination of small cells, Claro has been able to provide an improved app coverage experience indoors and outdoors for its customers with a cost-effective deployment which harnesses Ericsson’s small cells toolbox, tight radio coordination capability and unified management system.

Within the hospital, the network is performing with telecom-grade standards at 99.999% reliability. In Radio Dot System deployments around the world, mobile data throughput has improved by up to five times, dropped calls have been reduced to zero and Radio Dot installation times are as low as 4 minutes per Dot.

The Radio Dot System has also been designed to consume less power than traditional indoor solutions. Ericsson said its Radio Dot System is now live in 41 operator networks across 34 countries.

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