Z-Wave introduces connected LED ZBulb to Europe

LED light with integrated Z-Wave technology provides intelligent switching to enable parallel control via wireless devices and existing wall switch connection

Z-Wave introduces connected LED ZBulb to Europe

Z-Wave Europe, the distributor for Z-Wave based wireless home automation, is introducing a new LED light with Z-Wave wireless technology to the European market.

The ZBulb was developed by manufacturer Domitech and incorporates Z-Wave wireless technology, which enables simultaneous control both via conventional existing wall switches and wireless devices. Z-Wave Europe is the exclusive roll-out partner for Domitech’s LED light ZBulb in Europe.

Unlike some smartphone controlled LED lights, the ZBulb stays controllable even when the light is switched off by a wall switch thanks to its intelligent switching technology. The user can switch on the light again with his smartphone, tablet pc or defined automation scenes.

In addition, the ZBulb is able to memorise the dim status before being switched off. These functions have already made the ZBulb a success in North America, Z-Wave Europe said.

The ZBulb can be used even in two-wire electrical systems where an installation of a standard Z-Wave switch or dimmer will fail. As with all mains operated Z-Wave products ZBulb acts as Z-Wave repeater and gives users the convenience of wireless controlled lighting from a Z-Wave hub or controller.

ZBulb is a LED lamp with warm white light (2,700 K). Equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb and using only 9 watts of energy, ZBulb is estimated to save approximately 140 EU throughout its average lifespan.

"After the great success in North Amercia we are thrilled to launch the new Z-Wave Smart LED Bulb in Europe. Z-Wave Europe was not only pioneering the Z-Wave technology in Europe but is also the most active and capable distributor for this technology. We are very pleased to work with them," said Grant Ogata, principal of Domitech Products, LLC.

Professor Christian Paetz, spokesman for Z-Wave Alliance, observed: “ZBulb demonstrates in an impressive way the strength and dynamic of an international wireless standard. Domitech is a small, but innovative company, which has thought about the idea of wireless LED lights from a new perspective and launched an outstanding product in the US.

“Of course, there were a few adaptations regarding socket and safety authorisations needed for the European market. But thanks to Z-Wave, the ZBulb works very well from the first day with all certified products also in Europe.”


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