Buddi uses OriginGPS location capabilities in health monitoring device

OriginGPS Spider module enables Buddi’s personal emergency response service to accurately locate wristbands designed to notify caregivers of family members’ well-being

Buddi uses OriginGPS location capabilities in health monitoring device

Assistive technology firm Buddi has incorportated OriginGPS’s Spider module into its mobile personal emergency alarm system. The alarm works outside the home and even abroad. It alerts remote family members if an aging person falls over and provides their location, as well as generally monitoring their overall well-being.

The Buddi device is designed to enable older people to remain independent for longer and delay their entry into residential care. The tracking technology provided by OriginGPS can provide a precise location so that emergency contacts are able to arrive for help at the push of a button.

It also allows for those wearing it to manually alert a caregiver or family member when in need or to speak directly with an emergency line for assistance.

“Buddi chose OriginGPS due to the compact size of the modules along with their low power consumption,” said Charles Lewinton, Buddi’s head of engineering. “Integration of the modules into the Buddi hardware platform was straightforward. When needed, OriginGPS provided excellent technical support and advice.”

The Buddi anytime personal emergency response service is housed in a waterproof wristband, which traces the movement of the user and communicates with a portable clip carried in a pocket or handbag.

If the wristband detects a fall via its accelerometer technology, it will communicate the movement to the clip, which will then send an alert and location as determined by OriginGPS’ highly accurate positioning to a 24-hour monitoring service. A representative will talk to the user and notify emergency contacts.

“When a person’s health is involved, there is no room for inaccuracy,” said Gal Jacobi, CEO of OriginGPS. “OriginGPS is committed to making a difference for its customers, and in conjunction with Buddi, we can extend our technology to those who can really benefit from it. We are pleased that Buddi chose to entrust us with that very important task.”

The most recent and smallest addition to OriginGPS’ Spider family, introduced in Q4 2014, is the Nano Spider (pictured below), a miniature GPS receiver measuring only 4.1mm x 4.1 mm, which is ideal for wearables like Buddi. The Nano Spider delivers outstanding performance and sensitivity with low power consumption.

It achieves a rapid time to first fix (TTFF) of less than one second, with approximately one meter accuracy and -163dBm tracking sensitivity. Because it detects changes in context, temperature, and satellite signals, it achieves a state of near continuous availability, while consuming just microwatts of battery power.

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