Procom unveils DAS products portfolio for indoor coverage solutions

Range of products including duplexers, power splitters, couplers, combiners and antennas is available for use in distributed antenna system solutions in any environment

Procom unveils DAS products portfolio for indoor coverage solutions

antennaPRO (the new name of Procom UK, the official distributor of PROCOM A/S products in the UK and Eire) has introduced a new range of PROCOM DAS (distributed antenna system) solutions. The range of products provides a positive way of improving indoor coverage by distributing radio signals in a precise and measured way to eliminate dead or poor coverage areas.

Eighty percent of wireless calls originate from indoors - yet only two percent of commercial buildings offer in-building wireless solutions to manage the traffic. Modern building construction methods often rely on using materials, which effectively shield radio waves, thus, the need arises to provide solutions that enable the RF signals being distributed throughout the inside.

In buildings with public access there is often a demand for emergency services and first responders to be able to communicate effectively, which requires the provision of a safe, secure and reliable distribution of the RF signals.

The Procom DAS portfolio
Procom has a wide range of components to support a DAS solution whatever the situation including products for high-rise buildings, sprawling campuses, shopping centres, indoor car parking, tunnels, stadiums and other high-density demand areas. The range is ideal for use

There are a number of different products to distribute RF coverage, including:

• Duplexer combines the low and high RF spectrum on to a single common line.
• Power splitter splits the entire RF signal in 2, 3 or 4 ways
• Couplers cover from 80 to 2700 MHz
• TETRA combiners ensure the highest possible isolation between several TETRA-radios
• Indoor circularly polarized antennas specially designed for confined areas
• Ultra wideband Omnidirectional DAS antennas Low profile indoor antenna for the 380-6000 MHz band
• Indoor linearly polarized patch antennas specially designed for closed rooms for ceiling mounting.

For more information about the PROCOM DAS product range, click on the downloadable PDF:  Download Procom DAS (Distributed Antenna System) Solutions Brochure



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