Popp uses Z-Wave for automatic home gas and water shut-off controller

Flow Stop shut-off controller deploys integrated Z-Wave wireless technology to enable integration in home automation network to prevent higher damages in case of leaking devices and pipelines

Popp uses Z-Wave for automatic home gas and water shut-off controller

Z-Wave Europe, a distributor for Z-Wave based wireless home automation products, has introduced an automatic gas and water shut-off controller to the European market called Flow Stop, supplied by manufacturer Popp & Co.

Flow Stop is a motor operated shut-off controller for automatic flow stop of gas, water and other liquid pipes. It is equipped with Z-Wave short range connectivity technology. This means it is particularly suitable for use in smart homes.

By deploying Flow Stop, the water supply can be stopped automatically in the event of overflowing bathtubs, leaking washing machines or defects at water pipelines. It also works with gas leaks. As a result the Flow Stop helps protects consumers against resulting damages y.

In North America similar devices are already for sale with great success, but Z-Wave Europe claims not a single comparable device for the intelligent home is available in Europe.

The Popp Flow Stop comes with valve control/motor, power supply and mounting. It is easy to assembly on the existing ball stop valve. It is therefore usable on all the usual pipe standards including ½" and ¾“. It takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes to install and no pipes need to disconnected or water drained.

The Flow Stop is driven by a motor and closes the ball valve mechanically. Even though the motor requires only 12 Volt (1A), it delivers a powerful performance, as well as a high torque, which reliably closes the ball valve in just 10 seconds. Also a manual closing of the valve is possible in case of power failure – thanks to a clutch release bearing.

Once the Flow Stop is added to a smart home gateway via Z-Wave, the stop valve can be operated via any PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet. Additionally in the event of leaking gas or water the smart home gateway – when combined with sensors – is able to stop a further inflow automatically and thus protects against more extensive damage and further danger.


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