Starhome Mach enables operators to improve M2M device visibility and control

New portfolio is designed to enable operators to better identify M2M/IoT devices coming onto the network and manage them once they are authenticated

Starhome Mach enables operators to improve M2M device visibility and control

Starhome Mach has launched a new M2M/IoT portfolio designed to provide operators, system integrators and service providers with new ways to differentiate service levels on an individual device level basis.

IoT/M2M visibility and control is a key requirement that many operators are lacking today, Starhome Mach believes. Its new solutions enable operators to identify inbound devices and take appropriate action. This ranges from offering the host differentiated service for the device to steering the device away from its network if it is poorly configured or has no commercial value.

IoT/M2M portfolio is enablement involves managing bulk SIM activation, lifecycle management, and enterprise billing. Starhome Mach aims to provide further differentiation of services with multiple coverage and technology choices. For example, providers can decide upon SIM localisation or optimised roaming routes depending on the enterprise cost profile and quality requirements.

IoT/M2M can also place enormous risks on networks. Poorly engineered devices consume signalling without generating operator revenue. Simultaneous restart situations can put the whole network at risk.

Starhome Mach’s new M2M/IoT solutions provide control mechanisms to not only limit risk but also to maximise margins for the operator and enhance the service provided to both machines and people by, for example, prioritising heart monitors above electricity meters in high load situations.

“M2M/IoT is completely changing the mobile industry,” said Itai Margalit, CEO at Starhome Mach. “The demands of global manufacturing and mobility dictate that M2M devices need to connect anywhere in the world, but each one with its own specific requirements. With up to 50 billion devices forecast by 2020, the industry must adopt new methods to individualise the global Internet of Things.

“Starhome Mach has developed the solutions operators need to compete on this global stage while differentiating their services at the device level to increase desirability and optimise margins.

“Operators must compete in the global IoT/M2M market by differentiating their solutions against existing players. Starhome Mach’s core expertise has been built over 20 years working with mobile network operators to solve the issues associated with worldwide mobile roaming.

“Our focus now is to provide operators with the tools to globalize their IoT/M2M services, allowing any device to connect where it needs with an optimized margin for the operator,” concluded Margalit.

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