Motorola Solutions takes on pirates and smugglers in the Seychelles

Deployment of a Mototrbo radio communications network will help the Seychelles Police respond better to organised crime, as well as supporting public safety across 115 islands and Indian Ocean

Motorola Solutions takes on pirates and smugglers in the Seychelles

The Government of the Republic of Seychelles has deployed a Motorola Mototrbo digital two-way radio system to equip its police force with real-time information to aid the fight against crime. The new communications network will be the first to cover all of the Seychelles’ 115 islands and surrounding areas in the Indian Ocean.

The system will improve the ability of the police to dispatch officers across land and sea for rapid and effective response to criminal activities. This has become imperative as the islands face the threat of pirates hijacking local fishing boats, while organised crime gangs are using the many isolated beaches to traffic illegal drugs.

Joel Morgan, Minister for Home Affairs and Transport, The Seychelles said: “The deployment of this network is a milestone in the history of our police force, another big step forward in its quest toward modernisation and a big boost to its general field operations.”

Patrolling the region has been an ongoing challenge for the police force where mountainous island terrain severely disrupts analogue radio and cellular communications coverage.

Designed and installed by Communication Specialists Limited (Comm-Spec), the reach of the new digital radio network was extended with Mototrbo DR 3000 repeaters. These provide more than 30,000 square kilometres of radio coverage, blanketing the islands and surrounding ocean for the first time.

The Mototrbo radio system now connects more than 800 police officers with dispatch at Police Headquarters in the Islands’ capital, Victoria. The Mototrbo DP3601 portable two-way radios deliver reliable integrated data communications and enhanced voice capability for Seychelles police officers.

Comm-Spec also introduced the Very High Frequency (VHF) version of the Mototrbo DP4801 to the force’s radio fleet delivering improved audio with integrated Global Positioning System (GPS). Police vehicles were installed with Mototrbo DM4401 mobile radios.

All radios deliver advanced location-based services, including geo-fencing, enabling the control centre to track, monitor and, should an officer’s status unexpectedly change, respond quickly throughout the islands.

Using the TRBOnet Communication System, an application developed specifically for public safety dispatch centres, the Seychelles Police are also able to link multiple agencies or departments at the touch of a button, making response during emergency situations quick and effective.

The investment in the digital radio system is also helping to reduce unplanned costs for the Seychelles Police. Previously, when analogue radios failed to connect, police officers would rely on personal cell phones to make calls to headquarters, despite often poor cellular coverage and high call costs incurred by the officers and the department. With digital radio connectivity assured throughout the Seychelles, officers can now depend on their Mototrbo radios to stay in contact.

“By deploying a dedicated Mototrbo integrated digital radio network the police now have access to real-time communications that provide a seamless, reliable, scalable and secure alternative to the islands’ previously inconsistent analogue radio and cellular networks,” said Tim Clark, director, sales channel products & programmes, Europe and Africa, Motorola Solutions.


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