antennaPRO introduces new TETRA band selective repeater

CBBR-400 TETRA band selective repeater now available to boost TETRA signals

antennaPRO introduces new TETRA band selective repeater

Danish manufacturer Procom A/S has introduced the CBBR-400 TETRA band selective repeater, designed for 400 MHz TETRA systems in areas, which cannot be covered economically with base stations.

The compact CBBR-400 repeater is easy to install and can be set locally or remotely by its remote control software, which also provides monitoring capability. This new repeater is an ideal solution for buildings or open fields, where field strength is weak. Key specifications for the CBBR-400 include:

Frequency Range: 380 - 385 MHz; 390 - 395 MHz; other TETRA band available on request
Mode of Operation: Band selective duplex
Application: Indoor or limited outdoor (IP52)
Gain: 40 to 70 dB
Input Noice Figure: < 4 dB
Max. Output power: +21 dBm (125 mW)
ICP3: +36 dBm

Temp. Range: 0° C → +45° C optional -10° C → +50° C
Connectors: N-female
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 266 x 168 x 36 mm
Weight: 1.2 kg

antennaPRO is the new name of Procom UK, the official distributor of PROCOM A/S products in the UK and Eire. Procom A/S was acquired last month by US manufacturer Amphenol – see story below for more information.

Danish antenna firm Procom acquired by US giant Amphenol

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