Popp Hub gateway uses Z-Wave for smart home automation

Popp Hub smart home gateway, which uses Z-Wave wireless technology and is based on the Raspberry Pi platform, now available from distributor Z-Wave Europe

Popp Hub gateway uses Z-Wave for smart home automation

Z-Wave Europe, Europe's largest distributor for Z-Wave wireless technology devices, has started sales of Popp & Co.‘s new smart home gateway, the Popp Hub, which is aimed at the home automation to the market.

The Hub control centre is equipped with the Z-Wave wireless system, which allows connecting, monitoring and control of all intelligent devices within the connected home. The user can decide if they want to control the devices by wall switch, remote control or mobile device using the free iOS and Android app at home or from far away.

The Hub is based on the mini-computer Raspberry Pi. Thus it represents a particularly stable and flexible control solution for smart home networks. Thanks to the integrated device database and step-by-step instructions any new smart home device can be connected quickly and easily.

The Popp Hub is also able to manage non Z-Wave devices such as IP cameras and IP-based devices and other plug-ins as well. Additionally most varied scenes and automations can be defined via web interface.

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