CommScope to upgrade ITC at Stade de France

CommScope appointed official supplier telecommunications and IT networks at French stadium

CommScope to upgrade ITC at Stade de France

The Stade de France has signed up CommScope as the official supplier for provision of its telecommunications and IT network infrastructure upgrades. The aim is to ensure has the necessary flexibility and bandwidth to meet fan expectations and support stadium operations.

As part of the deal, CommScope will provide approximately 70 kilometres of SYSTIMAX LazrSPEED multimode fibre cabling to connect almost 1,000 high-bandwidth Wi-Fi access points and 400 IP televisions all across the stadium. It will also supply about 44 kilometres of GigaSPEED X10D Category 6A cabling and its imVision intelligent infrastructure solution for advanced infrastructure management in the stadium’s data centre.

Fans and staff will then be able to enjoy high connectivity speeds and interactive services on the stadiums’ Wi-Fi and IPTV networks. The new network infrastructure will provide future-proof capability, enabling Stade de France to offer future services throughout the property without requiring costly upgrades.

“The experience of our visitors is very important to us,” said Karim Benslimane, IT research & development manager, Stade de France. “We want to provide the best atmosphere for the two million visitors that we welcome each year. After much research and visiting other venues, we were very impressed with the capabilities and experience of CommScope in working with large stadiums like ours.”

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