Mobile Tornado introduces PTT solution for emergency services

Harrogate-based firm has launched the latest version of its professional push-to-talk solution for public safety organisations on cellular networks

Mobile Tornado introduces PTT solution for emergency services

Mobile Tornado Group has unveiled an expanded version of its digital suite of push-to-talk (PTT) solutions for the UK emergency services industry. The carrier grade platform can be deployed across any IP network in the world and is designed to ensure a smooth transition from Wi-Fi to cellular networks.

Mobile Tornado said it also ensures ‘the highest voice quality and reliability with less than 0.5 call setup time’. The solution is based on a patented VoIP protocol (IPRs) enabling ‘reliable instant communication with a touch of a button’. PTT features include web-based enterprise management tools, web based dispatch console and an available SDK.

“Communications capacity and tools are the lifeline of emergency response efforts,” said Giora Levi, general manager of Mobile Tornado. “Our professional PTT solution was painstakingly designed by industry veterans to replace the traditional PTT communication. We’ve seen staggering growth in territories such as North and South America and Western Europe, showcasing our agnostic solution as a leader in the market with uninterrupted coverage and connectivity.”

Mobile Tornado targets small to medium enterprise customers, corporations, and government agencies with PTT solutions based on the soon to be obsolete iDen technology and private mobile radios.

It said that increasing numbers of mobile network operators are launching iPOC service due to the rapid expansion of 3G/4G cellular infrastructure across the world. Mobile Tornado’s solution is deployed by Tier1 carriers in more than 20 countries.


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