Ericsson launches multi-device Wi-Fi calling solution

Extends operator voice service coverage to Wi-Fi-only devices; supports voice calling in locations with poor cellular coverage and no over-the-top voice services

Ericsson launches multi-device Wi-Fi calling solution

Ericsson has added multi-device functionality to its Wi-Fi calling solution. The new functionality enables operators to extend voice service coverage from smartphones to Wi-Fi-only devices such as tablets and personal computers. It argues this will create value for consumers and bring operators new business opportunities.

With Wi-Fi calling for multi-device, consumers can use devices that have only Wi-Fi access capabilities to make regular voice calls over any Wi-Fi network. The consumer's personal devices can be located at different Wi-Fi access points anywhere in the world, while their smartphone can be on cellular access or any Wi-Fi access point, and consumers can choose to pick up calls on any of the devices.

Calls can therefore be made in locations with poor cellular coverage, such as inside residential buildings. In addition, consumers are no longer forced to rely on over-the-top voice services over Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi calling for multi-device is integrated natively in devices that support this functionality, meaning that consumers can enjoy an easy-to-use and intuitive service.

Anders Olin, Head of Product Area Network Functions, Ericsson, said: "While natively integrated Wi-Fi calling in smartphones has been commercially available for some time, both consumers and operators can benefit from extending this functionality to multiple devices."


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