Icom unveils IC-F1000D compact digital two-way business radio series

Two new compact, waterproof digital radios available in both VHS (the IC-F1000D) and UHF (the IC-F2000D) versions are aimed at wide variety of business markets

Icom unveils IC-F1000D compact digital two-way business radio series

Icom has launched a new range of compact, waterproof digital two-way radios, which it says are the smallest business terminals it has yet brought to market. The hand portable radios are aimed users requiring intelligent emergency functions and loud audio in a slim waterproof chassis.

The company believes the new IC-F1000D Series will suit a wide customer base including those in the construction, manufacturing, facilities, security, retail and the hospitality & events markets.

Available in both VHF (IC-F1000D) and UHF (IC-F2000D), the IDAS (Icom’s brand name for the NXDN protocol) radios operate in conventional digital, Type-D single site trunking, as well as analogue mode, and provide an uncomplicated mixed mode migration path for business. The NXDN protocol offers 6.25kHz spectrum efficiency, higher security and better audio clarity – even on the fringes of the communication range.

Digital features include individual/group calls and 15-bit digital voice encryption. The radio promotes field safety by automatically sending an emergency signal when motion detection, man down and/or lone worker functions are activated. GPS position data transmission is available (GPS speaker-microphone is required).

The IC-F1000D digital two way radio series is compact and rated IP67 and Mil-Spec for waterproof, dust-tight and military-tough construction. The portable radio delivers 800mW loud audio and includes a channel announcement function and long-lasting battery life. These features provide convenient communication in noisy outdoors environments for up to 18 hours, according to Icom.

The following IDAS features are programmable:

• Individual/group calls
• Radio check (RX)
• Stun/Kill/Revive (RX)
• Remote monitor (RX)
• Emergency (TX)
• Call alert (RX)
• Digital voice scrambler (15-bit)
• Status Call (Power ON/OFF status and GPS request)
• Voting scan for multi-site conventional operation
• TX: Transmit, RX: Receive.

To assist worker safety, the IC-F1000D/F2000D has three emergency related functions: motion detection, man down and lone worker functions. If one of these functions is activated, the transceiver automatically enters an emergency phase and starts counting down to send an emergency signal. The built-in motion sensor detects position, state of motion and non-motion.

With the optional HM-171GPW GPS speaker-microphone, GPS position data can be attached to a voice or data transmission such as responding a GPS request status call.

Other features

• DTMF autodial memories
• MDC functions: PTT ID, emergency call, radio check (RX) and stun/revive (RX)
• BIIS PTT ID call
• Surveillance function
• Escalating alarm
• VOX capability for hands-free operation
• Channel announcement function
• Red emergency switch on the top panel.

Icom's new radio is now available from authorised Icom two-way business radio dealers. For more information about this product, visit the IC-F1000D/F2000D series product page.

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