Gemalto launches Cinterion long-term security solution for industrial IoT

Cinterion Secure Element provides adaptive security for always up-to-date smart card security level, which is connected to life cycle management platform to enable long-lived industrial solutions

Gemalto launches Cinterion long-term security solution for industrial IoT

Gemalto is introducing Cinterion Secure Element, a tamper-resistant component embedded in industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, which is designed to ensure devices can be managed and kept secure over a long life-cycle in the field.

The security framework, named Secure Element, serves as the foundation of trust for building the IoT security architecture. This is crucial for long-lived industrial solutions such as connected cars and smart meters that need protection against evolving threats while remaining flexible to accommodate enhanced functionalities and services.

The company reports that automakers have already begun integrating Cinterion Secure Element in advanced security architecture by design. The Cinterion Secure Element is also designed to meet extreme environmental and longevity requirements from the automotive industry and benefits from smart card level security. This ensures that data is stored in a safe place and access is granted only to authorised applications and people helping to guard against digital and physical attacks.

In addition, Gemalto's new component enables secure over-the-air management of security credentials as well as software updates across the lifecycle of solutions. The Secure Element offers an added layer of protection for a variety of applications and represents a powerful key to help secure the entire IoT ecosystem.

"The growing reliance on IoT solutions and high profile cyber-attacks are focusing industry minds on the necessity of security technology for continued growth," said Robin Duke-Woolley, CEO at leading technology analyst firm Beecham Research. "Security at this level does not work as an afterthought. It must be incorporated from the ground up at the start of new development projects. The Cinterion Secure Element provides for this, combining flexibility with high levels of security."

"Gemalto's Security by Design approach and suite of M2M optimized solutions - including the Secure Element - provide end-to-end protection from the edge to the core," said Laetitia Jay, Vice President of M2M Solutions and Services at Gemalto. "Security and trust among all types of connected objects such as cars, traffic lights or intelligent road systems, will enable a whole realm of innovations in the IoT ecosystem."


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