Fortinet Wi-Fi in use for UK’s biggest pro cycling event

Aviva Tour of Britain cycling event is using temporary deployments of high-density outdoor 802.11ac Wi-fi access points at each stage of the race for use by spectators, race staff and media

Fortinet Wi-Fi in use for UK’s biggest pro cycling event

The organisers of the Aviva Tour of Britain cycling event are deploying Fortinet technology to provide secure Wi-Fi connectivity for thousands of spectators, race staff and accredited media at each of the eight stages of this year’s annual 1,443km race. The solution is being implemented by specialist reseller partner KBR Wi-Fi.

Cyber security specialist Fortinet acquired Wi-Fi equipment manufacturer Meru Networks in July this year. Its Wi-Fi solution is built around Meru’s OAP832e access point (AP), which was chosen for its high performance, high density and ease of use in all weather conditions.

“Fast Wi-Fi connectivity is really important on the Tour, not just to the organisers and all the media who cover the event, but the thousands of spectators who want to see the riders and share their experiences in real-time using social media,” said Gareth Tomlin, technical director at KBR Wi-Fi, reseller responsible for providing Wi-Fi services for the Tour of Britain.

“To make that happen we have a relatively small time window to set up completely unique WLAN designs at the finishing line of each day’s stage, trust that it supports the right level of service under heavy concurrent usage and adverse weather conditions, and then pack it up in minutes, ready to move on to the next venue. That requires a lot from the technology we’re using - intelligence, performance, build quality, ease of use – and the OAP832e really delivers.”

“We chose these APs because of their flexibility, performance and sheer ruggedness,” added Tomlin. “Working in tandem with a central controller, the Air Traffic Control operating system ensures the smoothest possible handoffs between each of the APs, and zero concerns about encountering or causing channel interference. It’s simple to configure classes of service for user types too, so that – for instance – key organising staff can always manage critical race data in an emergency.”

“The Aviva Tour of Britain project demonstrates the need for powerful, intelligent and secure solutions to accommodate rising user aspirations for Wi-Fi in society,” said Rupert Clayson, regional director for UK & Ireland at Fortinet.

“The OAP832e is just one part of an extensive Fortinet wireless portfolio with solutions for every eventuality, and – in this case - we’re proud to play our part helping to grow the participation and involvement in such a valuable national sporting event.”

KBR will also be applying the technology to both the men’s and women’s Aviva Tours of Britain in 2016.


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