Zinwave supports Aerial Business Communications at BCSC 2015

Zinwave DAS system unified connectivity platform in action at the UKs largest B2B conference for retail real estate companies in Manchester next week

Zinwave supports Aerial Business Communications at BCSC 2015

Zinwave is showcasing its wideband DAS (distributed antenna system) technology in a digital playground, organised by Aerial Business Communications, at BCSC 2015 in Manchester, UK. Held in Manchester Central from the 16-17 September, BCSC 2015 is the UK’s largest conference and networking event for retail real estate companies.

Aerial Business Communications, providers of bespoke telecoms and IT services to B2B companies in the UK, are establishing themselves as the technical forum for the BCSC (British Council for Shopping Centres) to enhance membership benefits.

The technical forum will act an advisory board that addresses the high-density wireless network requirements and associated services needed in busy shopping centres.

Zinwave is supporting Aerial Business Communications in its ambition to fulfil this objective with its unified connectivity platform based on advanced photonics and wideband amplifier technology.

Zinwave has extended its proprietary distributed antenna system (DAS) by incorporating IP capabilities into its core technology to develop a unified connectivity platform, known as UNItivity, for all in- building wireless, Wi-Fi and IP coverage requirements.

UNItivity provides retailers with an “install-once” solution that supports any combination of wireless and IP services between 150MHz-2700MHz on a single hardware layer, regardless of protocol or modulation scheme. It eliminates the need for expensive and disruptive upgrades to existing infrastructures to accommodate new services as they are needed or become available.

UNItivity also offers integrated support for a range of IP driven services, including CCTV or LBS, giving building owners the ability to create attractive all-inclusive business propositions for onsite concessions. UNItivity’s unique wideband capabilities facilitate service sectorisation for better control of capacity or coverage requirements in specific areas, such as busy food concourses, for example.

“The ability to support IP services on an integrated DAS infrastructure is a powerful marketing tool because it gives building owners the ability to offer additional revenue generating services to onsite concessions on a single infrastructure,” said Colin Abrey, CMO, Zinwave.

“UNitivity’s unique wideband architecture delivers the most flexible solution in the market today, offering significantly lower CAPEX and OPEX costs compared to traditional in-building wireless coverage solutions.”

“After our 29 years within the B2B telecoms & IT market, Aerial has gained a plethora of experience across many verticals, with a particular focus on the retail industry. Given our long standing relationship with BCSC we were only too pleased to be asked to deliver the Digital Playground with a host of our trusted partners, including Zinwave,” said David Stephens, Business Development & Technical Manager from Aerial Business Communications.

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