David Meyer appointed chair of UK Spectrum Policy Forum

Meyer takes over from Jim Norton as chair of the spectrum sounding board to Government and Ofcom

David Meyer appointed chair of UK Spectrum Policy Forum

The UK Spectrum Policy Forum has appointed David Meyer as its new chairman. Meyer replaces Jim Norton to lead the industry-led sounding board to Government and Ofcom.

Meyer served in the British Army as a Royal Signals officer from 1978-2010, during which time he worked in a variety of roles and units around the world. His last army post was as the deputy CIO in MoD where he was responsible for reform of MoD's spectrum policy.

He drove the policy changes in Whitehall that enabled the release of MoD spectrum, including Ofcom's forthcoming auction of former MoD 2.3 and 3.4GHz holdings. On leaving the Army and MoD Meyer joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as chief information officer in 2010. After this he worked as a consultant, covering cyber and technology issues for public and private sector clients.

Alongside his role as chairman of the UK Spectrum Policy Forum, Meyer is chair of the Ofcom Spectrum Advisory Board, a position he has held since 2011.

Julian David, CEO of techUK, commented: “The next decade promises wide ranging and exciting developments in digital communications technology, networks and services. To be a global leader in these developments the UK needs world class communications infrastructure, which is reliant on effective use of spectrum. We are delighted to welcome David to his new role and look forward to his leadership in ensuring fit-for-purpose spectrum to enable UK ambitions on economic growth and societal improvements.”

Philip Marnick, Ofcom’s Group Director, Spectrum, said: “We welcome David’s new appointment. There are ever increasing demands for spectrum from all industry sectors. The skills David brings to the role will help ensure the different sectors understand each other’s requirements and challenges. My team and I look forward to continuing to work constructively with David, the Spectrum Policy Forum and TechUK more generally.”

UK Spectrum Policy Forum is the industry-led sounding board to Government and Ofcom on future spectrum management and regulatory policy with a view to maximising the benefits of spectrum for the UK.

The main objective of the Forum is to enable the policy and regulatory environment for maximising access to spectrum through cross-industry leadership and exploring ‘over the horizon’ issues in spectrum-using applications. The UK Spectrum Policy Forum is supported by techUK.

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