Airbus deploys TETRA radio network at Sharjah Airport in UAE

TETRA two-way radio network will improve communications as well as provide a more secure system at the airport

Airbus deploys TETRA radio network at Sharjah Airport in UAE

Sharjah International Airport in the UAE is to install a TETRA (terrestrial trunked radio) two-way radio system supplied by Airbus Defence and Space. The new network will include several TETRA base stations (TB3) and 400 TETRA hand-portable wireless communication devices including the TH1n and THR9i.

Sharjah Airport handles nearly 12 million passengers per year and is the third-largest air freight hub by cargo tonnage in the Middle East. The contract was awarded to local company Nedaa, which provides telecommunication services to specialised governmental, semi-governmental and private institutions in the region.

Airbus said the new radio communications system meets high international standards and business requirements and is therefore able to support the work of airport management and enhance operations substantially by improving communication capabilities.

The TETRA technology will increase the airport’s security levels in order to better preserve the confidentiality of information and communications.

“We have chosen Airbus Defence and Space’s technology and signed this agreement as part of our continuous efforts to deliver the best possible services to passengers, as well as to ease the workflow of companies operating at Sharjah International Airport,” said Mohammed Al Zaghlawan, general manager of Sharjah Aviation Services, a provider of aviation ground services within the United Arab Emirates.

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