Latest Zetron MAX Dispatch release provides new DMR features

MAX Dispatch v3.0 expands support for DMR AIS Tier II and Tier III digital radio systems to provide dispatchers with greater control of a variety of operations

Latest Zetron MAX Dispatch release provides new DMR features

Zetron has introduced expanded support for the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Application Interface Specification (AIS) Tier II and Tier III in the latest release of its MAX Dispatch v3.0.

The new release enables a number of new DMR features, such as console high-priority transmission and emergency outbound calls. The new release of MAX Dispatch has tested successfully with Hytera DMR Tier II and Tait DMR Tier III equipment.

Additional improvements are provided through an enhanced radio user-interface feature that is now available for use with NEXEDGE, DMR, and the Project 25 (P25) Digital Fixed Station interfaces.

This improves the user experience by giving dispatchers greater control over audio routing options and other functionality. It is offered as an opt-in feature to ensure that operations are not disrupted by an upgrade to MAX Dispatch v3.0.

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