SK Telecom and Samsung build mmWave system for testing 5G

Frequency bands above 30GHz are seen as key to enabling 5G technology delivering much faster transmission speeds

SK Telecom and Samsung build mmWave system for testing 5G

South Korean mobile operator SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics have built a system to support the development of millimetre-wave (mmWave) technology, which is seen as a key enabling technologies for 5G. The system has been installed SK’s Corporate R&D Centre housed in its Bundang Building.

The mmWave system will allow the two companies to: generate enhanced data transmission speeds; test, verify and improve wireless transmission performance between base station and handset; and review the possibility of applying mmWave technologies in the downtown areas.

The ambition with 5G is to harness mmWave technology (30GHz or higher frequency bands) to deliver significantly faster data transmission speeds. The view is that a way needs to be found to use higher frequency bands because of the saturation and fragmentation of frequency bands below 6GHz being used today for mobile telecommunications. Mobile operators expect mmWave technologies will enable utilisation of wide bandwidth in the higher frequency bands to help them open the 5G era earlier.

SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics have been working together since October 2014 to
With the establishment of the mmWave system, SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics expect to further solidify their leadership in 5G enabling technologies and accelerate their move towards achieving the world’s first commercialisation of the 5G network.

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