Link Microtek introduces tiny new hand-held spectrum analyser

Manufactured by SAF Tehnika, the Spectrum Compact is about the size of a smartphone and can measure signals up to 40GHz

Link Microtek introduces tiny new hand-held spectrum analyser

Link Microtek is making available a new hand-held spectrum analyser, which despite being not much larger than a smartphone is able to carry out measurements on microwave signals at frequencies as high as 40GHz.

Manufactured by SAF Tehnika, the Spectrum Compact instrument is primarily aimed at field engineers dealing with commercial mobile-phone infrastructure, satellite communications links or military communications systems.

The company says the instrument is good for the planning, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of microwave networks, and its excellent receiver sensitivity of -105dBm enables even weak signals to be detected and analysed. Typical applications include antenna alignment, interference detection, cross-polarisation adjustment and measurement of antenna gain.

Designed for comfortable outdoor use either at ground level or up a mast, Spectrum Compact features an intuitive, easy-to-learn GUI and a resistive LCD touchscreen that allows it to be operated with gloved hands.

The instrument incorporates a 50 ohm SMA input, which enables it to be connected to almost any antenna using standard waveguide flange adapters. There is also a mini USB port for recharging the polymer lithium-ion batteries and transferring saved spectrum scans to a PC for enhanced data analysis using the Spectrum Manager software supplied with the unit.

Available in five different models covering frequency bands from 2 to 40GHz, Spectrum Compact has overall dimensions of just 130 x 81 x 28mm and a maximum weight of only 400g. It is suitable for operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -15 to 40degC.

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