Motorola Solutions upgrades Cape Town’s TETRA radio network

City of Cape Town extends TETRA digital radio communications network with latest Motorola Solutions technology to enhance community safety

Motorola Solutions upgrades Cape Town’s TETRA radio network

The city of Cape Town has upgraded its TETRA two-way radio network with latest version of the Motorola Solutions’ TETRA system - Dimetra IP 8.2. The city originally commissioned a Dimetra IP digital TETRA radio system providing coverage over the Cape Metropolitan Area back in 2000. The upgrade work was undertaken by Motorola and radio distributor Altech Alcom Matomo.

Cape Town is one of three municipalities in South Africa that operates its own TETRA network, and it is by far the largest, serving 11,000 of the City’s public safety, security and utility services. The system also provides communication to 2,500 external users from surrounding municipalities, including the emergency medical services of the provincial government.

Operational efficiency, officer safety and incident response time are all improved through the enhanced network management, security and new location-based capabilities the Dimetra IP 8.2 system provides.

The system is set up so that all the public safety agencies’ communications – across a range of radio groups and interconnected with the telephone network – remain secure and private.

Encryption ensures those with police radio scanners cannot listen in on conversations, while real-time Global Positioning System (GPS) location tracking and mapping enables the command centre to monitor users, such as police officers, and instantly dispatch support to their exact location.

“Investment in the TETRA system serves as an enabler for improved service delivery to the citizens of the CMA,” said Councillor Xanthea Limberg, mayoral committee member for corporate services, City of Cape Town. “This is achieved by providing reliable and effective communications and improving interoperability and response times during special events, emergencies and disasters.”

“With built-in redundancy for maximum reliability and uptime, Cape Town’s TETRA network is now better able to continue operating despite power outages or major incidents such as the recent floods and mountain fires,” said Vikela Rankin, managing director, Motorola Solutions South Africa. “This enhanced TETRA system will provide clear, reliable and accurate communications to the police and other users in the field for many years to come.”

“This new TETRA technology provides sustained reliability and also the capacity to further expand to cater for the changing needs of Cape Town,” addeds Brett Nash, managing director, Altech Alcom Matomo. “The city can now confidently equip key stakeholders with TETRA radios to serve as an emergency communications group during incidents when all other means of communication might fail.”


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