Xirrus introduces X2 low cost 802.11ac Wi-Fi access point

New Xirrus X2 Wi-Fi solutions are designed to enable customers to affordably upgrade their Wi-Fi networks without compromising on performance or future growth requirements

Xirrus introduces X2 low cost 802.11ac Wi-Fi access point

Xirrus introduced new low-cost 802.11ac Wi-Fi access points today (25 August 2015) in the shape of its X2 product. The X2 is targeted at the small/medium enterprise, hospitality and education markets who are looking for affordable, fast and reliable cloud managed Wi-Fi soltuions.

The company sees the X2 as a way to solve the challenges businesses face in meeting the demand of a BYOD workforce that requires being connected wirelessly on multiple devices at all times.

The X2 is designed to eliminate the choice between price and speed by providing ‘best of class performance’ and ‘reliable Wi-Fi at a fraction of the cost of previous solutions’. The Xirrus X2 is:

• Fast, delivering 1.2 Gbps bandwidth per access point
• Cost effective for SMEs, remote offices, classrooms and hospitality
• Ideal for schools meeting 1:1 classroom initiatives
• Designed to address the challenges of BYOD
• Perfect for affordable E-Rate implementations.

Kevin Burden, VP of Mobility at 451 Research, commented: "Today, organisations demand Wi-Fi that is fast, reliable, easy to deploy and manage. Users expect, and organisations need Wi-Fi that works in every environment and a breadth of solutions to accommodate this. With this announcement Xirrus delivers a low cost, best of class performance solution that in combination with its high-density offerings gives it a broad portfolio in the market.”

Zero touch Cloud-based deployment
Designed for ease-of-use, the cloud-based Xirrus Management System (XMS) delivers benefits for both the users of an X2 Wi-Fi network and the IT team that operates it, including:

• Zero-touch cloud-based activation – requiring no on-site IT for installation
• Intuitive graphical interface for seamless, simple management
• Simple 1-step, device-agnostic onboarding
• No on-site maintenance for software upgrades, patches and licenses
• All services integrated at no extra cost into a single console interface.

An on-premise version of XMS is also available for management of X2 networks.

“For over a decade Xirrus has been the leader in delivering high performance, high density Wi-Fi solutions in the most complex environments on the planet. With the introduction of the X2, we extend our expertise to solve today’s BYOD challenges by delivering a solution where customers no longer have to choose between price or performance,” said Bruce Miller, Xirrus VP of Product Marketing.

Xirrus X2 is now generally available, starting at a list price of $445.

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