Imtradex equips Aurelis hand microphone with USB interface

Introduction of USB port means Imtradex communication accessories for control centres are now compatible with existing customer hardware

Imtradex equips Aurelis hand microphone with USB interface

Imtradex has added a USB port to its Aurelis handheld speaker-microphone, which was specifically designed to work with digital radio standards. The move follows the introduction of USB ports to Imtradex’s table microphones and its headsets series of BusinessLine,
Business Line 3000 and AirTalk.

The key benefit of adding a standard USB port is that the microphones can now be easily connected to the computer systems of control centres regardless of what operating system they use such as Windows or Linux. The company is particularly targeting control centres of emergency services organisations, as well as operational control centres of companies with large production facilities.

"Oour Aurelis handheld speaker microphones are now finally compatible with the existing hardware of our customers. With Aurelis we have already developed a very flexible product for digital radios; we can adapt the Aurelis to the needs of each client. The USB connector is the logical development,” said Ralf Kudernak, CEO of Imtradex.

The 180g lightweight, hand-held speaker microphones are equipped with a PTT button, microphone and high quality speakers, and depending on the model, other options can be included such as an emergency button, a three-level volume control and a two-color LED. In addition, the Aurelis hand microphones feature a connection for external audio accessories and can easily be used with a headset of choice.

Depending on the model of the Aurelis, different data applications can also be integrated. For example, information is shown in a display, or the different keys can be programmed with different applications. To save space on the workplace, the Aurelis hand microphones can also be hung on the side of the desk.

"In order to be able to coordinate emergency rescue operations of any kind, quick and reliable communication technology plays a key role in monitoring stations,” said Kudernak, adding that one of the company’s main concerns is to constantly improve its products to provide emergency services and other control centres with new opportunities.

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