Small Cell Forum and 4G Americas to collaborate on future networks

Agreement to focus on small cells for 5G technology requirements with the aim of helping standards bodies and educating the broader industry

Small Cell Forum and 4G Americas to collaborate on future networks

The Small Cell Forum and 4G Americas have announced they are to collaborate on small cells and 5G systems and networks. The aim is to deliver better communication of carrier requirements to standards bodies and provide informed technology advocacy to the wider industry.

Small cells are seen as integral to the development of 5G architectures, so the combination of the independent Small Cell Forum, which supports small cell deployment around the world, and 4G Americas, a wireless industry trade association representing LTE mobile broadband and its evolution to 5G, makes sense.

The agreement formalises the exchange of information between the two organisations, which may include joint publications, meetings, workshops and a broad range of industry outreach.

“The challenges of providing a multi-gigabyte mobile broadband and HetNet future demands an industry contribution that can bring together the best the industry can offer for the benefit of operators, vendors and end users,” said Sue Monahan, CEO of the Small Cell Forum. “This agreement with 4G Americas is a major step forward in ensuring a quicker - clearer path to 5G deployment.”

In addition to contributing to a smoother rollout of future mobile broadband networks, the agreement enables a stronger voice for the members of the two organisations — which include operators, vendors and industry experts — in 5G technology and standards development.

Sharing the insights and information of both memberships will limit duplication and could accelerate the rollout of 5G networks and services at a pivotal time for mobile broadband.

Chris Pearson, President of 4G Americas noted: “North America has become the global leader in LTE and a goal of our association is to see this leadership continue by fostering the complete development of its evolution to 5G.”

He continued: “We look forward to collaborating with the Small Cell Forum and their critical focus on HetNets, an important element of future 5G networks. Working together we can represent our members’ interests and contribute to a global 5G future.”


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