North Lindsey College upgraded by AIT with Aerohive Wi-Fi

Staff and students to benefit from faster Wi-Fi following £12.2m expansion plan

North Lindsey College upgraded by AIT with Aerohive Wi-Fi

AIT Partnership Group has implemented an Aerohive Networks Wi-Fi solution at North Lindsey College in North Lincolnshire. 173 access points have been installed throughout the 33 acre campus, including at the new Engineering Technology Centre (ETC) opening in September.

AIT recommended an Aerohive Networks Solution consisting of 802.11ac access points and the cloud based Hive Manager. The Aerohive architecture means that every access point installed has its own controller, eliminating any bottlenecks throughout the network.

The Hive Manager platform uses a web interface to setup user access rights, control the resources each user can access and determine which applications are accessible on mobile devices. These capabilities make it perfect in an educational setting where many individuals need access to a vast range of resources across different departments.

The move to install the new Wi-Fi network was driven by the expansion of the college, which in turn lead to an increased demand from staff and students to be able to connect to the network from their devices wherever they were across the campus. The new wireless LAN has meant all teaching material, emails and social networking is accessible instantly and securely.

Keith Urry, Senior ICT Network and Security Officer at the College stated: “Staff and students use the wireless network more than ever to access teaching materials, for research and for social applications. We were very pleased with AIT’s straight forward approach and practical knowledge.”

Urry continued: “The Aerohive solution performs well. We’ve had no complaints about network speed or connectivity issues from our staff or students. I’m particularly pleased with the cloud based management approach which is easy to administer and provides all the features I need to see what is going on within our wireless network, and control it.”

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