iBwave launches latest entry-level indoor network design tool

The aim of new version of Design Lite is to cut in-building network design time by 30%

iBwave launches latest entry-level indoor network design tool

iBwave has released a new version of its entry-level indoor network design tool, iBwave Design Lite. The company said the move is a response to an increased demand for this kind of product following the release of the first Design Lite three years ago.

iBwave has seen enhanced Design Lite to make it significantly more powerful and by adding a number of new features. It estimates that iBwave Design Lite can reduce the time spent on designing passive DAS, small cells and public safety networks by over 30%.

“iBwave Design Lite is designed for less complex project deployments in order to eliminate the tedious manual work with Visio, Excel and AutoCAD that many are still doing today,” explained Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave.

“While our flagship Design Enterprise software is at the heart of most major in-building design projects, it’s important that iBwave offers software for less complex projects with budget restrictions. This is what motivated us to develop iBwave Design Lite, a solution for small to medium scale projects.”

Key features of the new iBwave Design Lite include:
Multi-technology design in a single file: users can document and design multi-technology in-building design projects quickly by dragging and dropping equipment from iBwave’s component database of over 17,000 accurately-modelled network vendor components. With the components placed, designers can view the automatically computed RF calculations.

Coverage Maps for evaluating network performance: customers can simulate their network before it’s deployed to eliminate the risk of over-designing and ensure hardware selection is optimised for the most cost-efficient design.

Automated Reporting: Users can access automated reports such as link budget, bill of materials, equipment lists and compliancy reports to ensure alignment with customer requirements.

iBwave Design Enterprise Compatibility: Users can work seamlessly with customers, partners and other team members who are using the iBwave Design Enterprise .ibw format.

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