Zetron introduces AcomNOVUS dispatch system

Zetron has released its new AcomNOVUS dispatch system, which uses an enterprise-class server architecture supporting the full use of IP technology

Zetron introduces AcomNOVUS dispatch system

Zetron has unveiled its Advanced Communications (AcomNOVUS) integrated command-and-control system. AcomNOVUS utilises an enterprise-class server architecture to build on Zetron’s Acom system already used in communication centres around the world.

AcomNOVUS can be customised to meet the most different operational and user requirements—in a high-capacity IP-based system, which also offers the industry’s highest levels of availability.

The system provides a seamless integration of telephone and radio technologies in a single system. In addition, its easy-to-use web-based configuration and maintenance tools can be accessed from any PC, laptop, or tablet on the system.

AcomNOVUS is highly adaptable, so it can easily be expanded and updated as the need arises. This allows organisations to keep their communication technologies current and within budget. At the same time, the system’s extensive support for legacy technologies allows customers to transition to newer equipment at their own pace, Zetron said.

“AcomNOVUS expands on the powerful benefits of Acom by delivering them through an advanced architecture that supports the full use of IP technology,” said Zetron product manager, Daniel Oliphant.

“It also provides the leading-edge performance capabilities required to support additional advanced features and functionality, such as end-to-end encryption, flexible audio routing, and mobile operations that are becoming increasingly important to our customers.”

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